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  1. esmin

    JB with CC#3 and 0-0137

    Joe posted this picture of CC#3 and his "batman" 'burst on twitter a few nights ago. He asked if any experts can tell the difference. Based on this photo, I can't! I'm assuming it's the prototype. Maybe JB can chime in on some details. Looks like they have the base plate under the bridge.
  2. esmin

    New photos of the R9

    It's an '07 Gloss with Throbak SLE-101 Ltd's, Luxe BB's, RS Super pots for volume and 500k for tone, nickel Grovers and Pyramid Nickel strings. Phew!! Some light was creeping through the windows so I snapped a few photos.
  3. esmin

    Don Felder Sig. Reissue Vid!

    Sounds pretty good http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f3p13-Reuuk
  4. esmin

    Jeff Beck pays tribute to Les Paul

    Sorry no vid yet. Just watched it on the Grammys. He was covering an old Les Paul and Mary Ford hit playing what looked to be an R9 plugged into an old Fender tweed amp. it was awesome!!!:headbange
  5. esmin

    Reeves Jimmy Page Amp

    This amp was just released by Reeves. Its a faithful re-creation of his 100w Hiwatt http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DXXMz1PHWbc
  6. esmin

    They're here!

    And I'm almost done installing them. It's a shame I won't be able to play them tonight, but, I think i'll play sick tomorrow. Here's a preview. Jon Gundry deserves some type of award for this. Tone report and more pics tomorrow.
  7. esmin

    No strings....

    Is it okay to leave the strings off of my R9 for over a week? I'm doing an overhaul and waiting for PUPs that will be in next week.
  8. esmin

    New here....R9 photos

    Hey what's up guys? I'm a longtime lurker here, and it's taken me a long time to finally get in here. I'm pretty excited. I bring my 07 R9 to the table. Maybe some of you guys remember it. It made a pretty big fuss on this forum back in September. Enjoy