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    Fenders like 9s?

    10s or 11s, because they work best with the E Bow.
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    Why New Bands Don't Play Gibson Guitars

    I think you (and the youtube muppets) are overthinking it. Same thing happened in the '80s.
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    Kinman Noiseless Strat pickups?

    Hank Marvin does/did.
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    70s Norlin shielding vs vintage/modern non-shielding

    I use valve amps, so I don't care about a bit of hum, and I use fuses and circuit breakers instead of paper clips and nails, so electrocution isn't a consideration, either.
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    R9 Murphy Lab Green Lemon Fade Heavy Aged

    I can put up with any colour for that first sentence. I ordered a Factory Burst 60th a couple of years back. When it arrived, it wasn't exactly the colour I was expecting, but it's just too good to reject based on colour. I bought a new Tele about 10 years ago, that was outstanding, but the neck...
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    The unthinkable happened

    More than it's worth in it's current condition.
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    Not a week later and "Theodore" hits the used market.

    Would you prefer it if they did what Ferrari do with the small run track cars. You buy it, it stays at the factory and you make an appointment to visit it occasionally?
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    What musicians have played the ES355?

    "Don't believe everything you read on the internet." Abraham Lincoln
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    There are two sides to every CBS Fender product: Either you like it or you don't.

    I have a 79 hardtail Strat in the antigua finish. It's the worst guitar I own, including a budget end Stratalike I picked up off ebay for £100. If 70s Strats are your thing, get a reissue. It'll be vastly better made than an original.
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    Gibson Mesa Boogie

    You know, I have a Triaxis. 30 years old, never had a screwdriver near it since it was fixed in to the rack. When the time comes that it needs fixing, the nearest Mesa engineer is an ocean and a continent away, so it'll get worked on by an independent technician. Couldn't care less, whether this...
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    Steinberger guitars and why they matter

    I had one briefly, before they did the one with 'a body'. Fabulous thing, but I couldn't get on with not having somewhere to rest my arm and the strings were hard to get hold of - no interweb back then. No desire to get one again, but I do have a hankering for a Status Bass from back then -...
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    Accurate red color of the back of bursts?

    I'm far from being a 'burst expert', but to start, the Beauty of the Burst Book is twenty years old, so it's possible/likely some of those have faded further. I own a couple of 'R's and a Japanese Tokai 59 Repro. My R9 is 'very cherry', what I suspect a new 59 might have looked like, similar to...
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    Fender CS 60s pickups compeard

    I agree. That aluminium shield plate has a lot to do with the high roll off, but I agree about the A5 magnets. I've always thought of an A2 as being a useful aged A5 substitute, but unless they're abused, AlNiCo magnets don't actually decay significantly - about 2% per hundred years, apparently...
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    Fender CS 60s pickups compeard

    I'm on the lookout for 1960 Strat pickups, myself. I wouldn't consider any of those, but the nearest to what I'm after is the HW60 - if they were A5, I'd think about it. I'm looking for 'made the way they used to' and they didn't make calibrated sets. They made ONE pickup, pulled three from a...
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    Gibson Mesa Boogie

    Gibson, for that matter, Fender et al, need to recognise that they are still operating because they already produce what people want. Gibson don't need to make Strats and Fender don't need to make Les Pauls. It's all fine and dandy buying out Mesa, but they need to recognise Mesa isn't, and...
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    Other people playing your guitars...

    No to strangers and I don't lend 'em out, other than to close mates and my Dad. I had a guy come up to me after a gig, once and ask me if he could have a go on my guitar. I replied "Can I have a go on your girlfriend?"
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    I Named My Les Pauls Today

    Not usually, however, I have a Cadillac Green Gretsch 5420 called 'Charlotte' (affectionately) after an 'ex', because it's curved in all the right places, full of air and (a bit) green. A blackguard Tele called 'Marilyn'... 'cos 'Gentlemen Prefer Blondes'. My 60th Annie R9 is called 'Whitney'...
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    2 USA or 1 reissue?

    1 Historic, all day long. If my budget only stretched to a Gibson USA LP Std, I'd spend the money on a Japanese Tokai instead.
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    The Wood Thing Was Too Controversial

    Quality of sound is subjective, and I'd say, has more to do with the person playing knowing how to set the amp up. Sustain is down to the physics of the wood and the parts attached to it, and almost nothing to do with the thickness of the strings.