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    what is worth more? Black beauty or 68 VOS?

    I am thinking of buying a LP custom 2012 in very good condition black beauty for 3200 eur..... But there is another offer Customshop 58 Reissue VOS for same price.... what is worth more? I presume 58? ANd for how many percent? Basically I just want a black beauty...it looks the most...
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    2012 les paul custom black

    I wonder are there 2 models for this year? Classic and standard? I got a good offer on 2012 model but probably it is classic model..with non rosewood fretboard? Is it worth less than custom from other years? I dont want to buy something that will be less appreciated than the regular custom LP
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    Should I buy another custom?

    I already have 2007 custom lp that i got for good price but it has few broken fret nibs and the second pickups has too much feedback....so I dont play it... I bought it as investment to sell later or even repair the pickup and fret nibs but I found a 2012 LP custom black apparently in perfect...
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    Strange guitar traditional LP 2015

    I want to buy traditional guitar from 2015 but the guy who is selling it has zebra pickups on it.....so they are not original? It has 100 on the headstock and regular nut for some reason.....did they change the metal nut and tuners and pickups? I am confused....because there is no traditional...
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    Did 2016 standard come with deluxe tuners?

    I am interested in buying LP standard 2016, but it has deluxe tuners on it. And the owner said those were original. It seems strange to me because if I google for that year all LP STD came with grover locking tuners and not deluxe one or robo tuners. I am little confused here..... he is also...
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    How to rebuild fret nibs?

    I have 2 missing on my custom 2007. I have heard here on this forum you can use epoxy white, or super glue and baking soda? Has somebody tried to rebuild them? THe high E gets stuck now there where the stupid nibs are missing......Gibson why the hell would you use nibs anyways? My 2015 LP...
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    How much is worth this guitar? Les Paul Ace Frehley Budokan 2012

    Here are some pics, it seems it is to a custom model....so what is it? The guy wants 2000 eur for it....is it overkill or a good investment...it has a damage at the bottom a litttle
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    What model is my LP custom?

    I am attaching few pictures...can you help me out please
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    Hi I dont know what model is my guitar

    I just bought this what do you think....is it 58? I have no clue...it was made in 2012.... Please let me know