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    Four Uncles ABR-1 bridge just in and...

    Mine is for sale in the Emporium.
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    UK sale -Four Uncles Replica of 1950's Gibson ABR1 bridge

    For sale is my Four Uncles replica, in mint condition with un-notched saddles and original packaging. This was used only once to evaluate its tone against my Gil Yaron '59 replica which has Gil's own version of the ABR1. I marginally preferred the Yaron for my particular guitar and this is no...
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    Four Uncles ABR-1 bridge just in and...

    Awaiting the results of your review.
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    Stephens Design VL JP set

    I strongly urge anybody interested in early Jimmy Page Les Paul tone (double white PAF bridge pickup era) to look at the new clip posted by Dave on Youtube . He is demoing the pickups through his cranked Vibrolux which captures a lot of the Page characteristics but the clincher is the short...
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    PAF tone controls

    Can you guys that play real PAF's tell me where you usually set your tone controls? Do have them on 10 or do you dial them back for more honk and vowel tones?
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    JM Rolph Tonequest interview Dec 2009

    I am desperate to get hold of a copy of this rare interview with Jim Rolph. Can anybody post a copy?
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    UK '52/57 goldtop conversion

    Looking for advice on the value of a very resonant and great playing '52/57 goldtop which I played at a guitar store in the UK a couple of days ago. The asking price is £11,999 ($18,000 at current rates). The guitar has a beautifully aged and worn original top with lots of greening and weather...
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    difference between 0.022 and 0.015 PIO caps

    Recently bought a pair of Sprague Vitamin Q's 0.022 for my '99R9 fitted with Rolph '58 Pretenders. Although they sound really good, I'm wondering whether I should go with a 0.015 in the neck as I would like a little more brightness in the neck pickup. Would this do the trick even with tone on 10?
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    Want that vintage hollow tone

    I have the chance to buy a pair of NOS Sprague 0.22 600v 160p's for $50. Would these be the ultimate way to get that great woody/hollow 60's/70's tone or could I get the same results from the Luxe Bumblebees or NOS Vitamin Q's which are a cheaper alternative?
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    ABR 1 question

    I've just been ageing the nickel bridge on my R9 and in cleaning it afterwards I think I may have dislodged the retainer wire. I have tried pressing it back into the holes on either side but it doesn't quite go all the way in. I can't remember if the wire pushed up snug against the sides of the...
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    New Klusons

    Anybody know if the latest single line Klusons with the cream buttons are a direct retro fit on a historic R9? Would the bushings be an exact fit?
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    Faber ABR1

    I'm thinking of buying a Faber ABR1 for my R9. Has anybody tried one of these? I see that there is no retaining wire on these and wondered if the saddles are a tight fit like the Pigtail or whether they would fall out when string changing?
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    Aged Nickel Covers

    One of my considerations in choosing a PAF clone is the quality of the aged covers. I realise this has no real effect on the tone of the pickup but it has to look realistic in my nicely ageing 99 R9. I had a set of Antiquities which had nice ageing (sold them and wish I hadn't).Can I please have...
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    Searching for the ultimate PAF tone

    I need advice to help me in choosing the most suitable pickups to upgrade my '99 R9. The current contenders are Voodoo, RS Fralins, WCR Darkburst/Crossroads, Lollar Imperial, Rolphs. I can't wait the 18 months for Timbuckers. The sound I'm after is early Jeff Beck, Beano era Clapton, Mick Taylor...
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    Nitrocellulose Facts

    Can anyone tell me what the difference is between the nitro used today by Gibson and the nitro used in the 50's and 60's. I have noticed that the nitro finish used after 1980 does not yellow to the extent that the old stuff used to. I have a Heritage 80 which is now 23 years old and hanging on...