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    I have Tweed Deluxe chubbie

    there is a Lazy J shipment incoming to the USA shortly and I'm thinking about a Lazy J 20, it comes with ... reverb - tremolo - reverb/trem foot sw - variac - switch between 6L6 and 6V6 - MId boost sw - Bass cut sw at first i was fender deluxe then victoria cause it had a half power switch...
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    This is a Pat Boyack inspired thread ...

    I saw a video of the "The Javelinas" with Pat and noticed what looked like a car seatbelt (i could be wrong) as a guitar strap and thought that was pretty cool and/or different. i'm plain-Jane wide leather, so here's a pic and please post your crazy or plain straps tried to post image but can not
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    Scala Super V

    master built Gibson gets the longer 1.5" brass bridge studs, very interesting so many questions hand Lacquered - WTF does that mean and how is it different from the Murphy finish? Retrophonic Humbucker - can I say WTF does that mean again and is it closer to a real PAF...
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    Gibson repair and restoration work, is this good?

    Had them plek and replace a nut ended up with only .004-.005 clearance to first fret on a open 6th string if I fret at the third, no clearance at all at the first fret when pick that open e you can hear the initial contact at the first fret string seems to move while bending not at the...
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    Murphy Lab Nitro vs. Custom Shop Plasticized Nitro

    those that have both a Murphy Lab LP and a Custom Shop LP why are the Murphy Lab's sounding better ? is it he finish being harder and cracked, letting the wood vibrate more ? or are the Murphy Lab guitars more dialed in ? Meaning better setup - tweaking the nut slot and bridge saddle slot so...
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    Serious bridge post question , check your 2020 and beyond Historic Custom Shop and Murphy Lab bridge post

    had my 2019 R0 at Gibson Repair and Restoration for fret level/Plek and to replace the steel thumb wheels and bridge post to nickel plated brass got it back and it still has steel bridge post they said on the phone today, we don't use nickel plated brass bridge post and haven't since the 60's...
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    58 Murphy Lab @ Sweetwater, top wound at both ends

    WTF spoke with Sweetwater and was told this is straight from the Murphy Lab and not a sell/return item and NOT a string change by one of their techs strings at turners are what i call Top Wound, one under one over instead of the standard one over one under winding. That really changes the...
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    Wildwood spec Historic Gibson Custom Shop 1960 Les Paul

    came with steel bridge post and steel thumb wheels should have been Nickel Plated Brass Check your Wildwood custom shop les pauls
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    Kosssoff's Tailpiece, Bridge,and Stud conundrum

    Anyone ever notice this and have any insight ... stud height , dia., and color - not your average stud bridge tilt - not you average slant direction tailpiec height and tilt - because of the amount of stud visible at the bridge you might wonder why could the action on the bass side be lower...
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    i gonna pop a vein ...

    Wildwood spec 2019 Gibson custom shop 1960 Les Paul historic reissue changing string gauge and want to change string spacing - this should be a walk in the park the issue that never ends finding drop in replacement saddles and screws for the historic reissue 2019 bridge i have tried all...
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    PLEK my 2019 R0 , please ...

    having fret issues , 18 and 20 are high WHO do we Trust in the USA to plek my guitar ?
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    Saddle help, please

    High e string is buried in the saddle and hitting the top of the saddle screw when into the 21-22 fret going to replace saddle what saddle fits the historic Gibson bridge ? ... 2019 historic custom shop 1960 Gibson Les Paul reissue Thanks