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  1. MattD1960

    it never rains

    but it pours. i just joined the historic club after 15 years of waiting and now i have been given a shot at a second one. but i am curious the seller claims its a chicago music exchange custom order, its a R8 with a crazy quilt like top, and a 60 v2 neck does anyone have any experience with...
  2. MattD1960

    It took me 15 years

    I have been on this forum since i was 15 years old. And finally i can say i have joined the club officially. it took me 15 years to finally land a R9
  3. MattD1960

    2004 R9

    its been a long time since i have posted anything here but recently i came across and R9 locally, the guitar doesnt come with the COA not sure if it was lost or what didnt really get any story on it but i think the price being asked is reflective of the missing COA, guitars got good flame and...
  4. MattD1960

    2013 R8 price check

    whats a good price on a 2013 R8 i am looking at one and it looks fantastic the guy is asking 2600 is that a decent price or am i over paying for an R8
  5. MattD1960

    price check on a blackface super

    got a line on a blackface super reverb pretty close to home, the guy wants 700 for it one of the speakers isnt original but everything eles seems to be just right what are ur thoughts guys, i always ask here first before i pull the trigger
  6. MattD1960

    335 help

    been looking for a 335 whats a good used price to pay on one, i dont need the historic, id like a good USA made 335 but i feel like 2000 for one is just a bit much and thats the going rate on craigs list up here in New England, is that really the best i can do?
  7. MattD1960

    1965 fender concert

    i scored a concert a little while back heres a video of a little work out with her i ABSOLUTELY love this amp, its taken the JTM45s spot and the Bassmans as my number one go to amp i cant get enough of her http://youtu.be/WT1uUTo3RDs
  8. MattD1960

    Fender Concert price check

    i got a line on a 65 blackface concert. what is a decent price to pay for one of these, and how rare are they really also the speakers have been replaced with weber speakers
  9. MattD1960

    clapton burst (the ones hes got now)

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NOhDcz_RzEQ at around 2:11 it starts, i think thats the 60 he has now maybe someone eles could sat FOR SURE but it looks it, the quality isnt really GREAT but its not bad. THATS SOME TOMATO SOUP red if i ever saw it tho must be a late 60 does anyone know the...
  10. MattD1960

    Marshall JTM 45

    block logo 66 it was completely redone by some dude in New Hampshire and i got it on craigs list here she is in my basement now http://youtu.be/scIvbt7r-FY
  11. MattD1960

    alright guys i need your help

    I have had just about every vintage fender amp you could want, and a few new reissues, but i just sold my tweed deluxe clone and i am playing clubs up in boston, it just wasn't loud enough. so my question is I am sick of the Fender tone, but i am on a serious budget, about 700-1000 and 1000...
  12. MattD1960

    Happy Birthday to a killer burst player

    Happy Birthday JB, hope someday we get to jam, till then keep rocking the bursts on stage. you give us young kids something to hope for thanks man
  13. MattD1960

    EC+335 into a killer sounding amp

    http://youtu.be/RvNIivHdy0Q not the blues/rock we are all used to and love, but no one can deny the great tone clapton displays here with that sunburst 335 of his GREAT version of the song. really wonder what he is playing thru here
  14. MattD1960

    Joe Walsh KILLING turn to stone

    on a burst, and a fine fine fine looking one at that http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=JocjTXmqiS0#! sorry if its already been posted but it really spoke to me this morning
  15. MattD1960

    New Vox AC30

    i know we are all into the vintage stuff around here, either that or the Boutique stuff, BUT. I just scored a Vox AC30CC Head/2x12 cab its not here yet, the deal isnt completely done so i figured id ask the tone pro's on the LPF, whats the deal do u guys dig on these vox's or have i just made a...
  16. MattD1960

    64 Fender Tremolux Les Paul clips

    http://youtu.be/y3R93tA0t94 Me with my Les Paul classic got it right here on the forum a few years back now, and my 64 fender tremolux AMAZING COMBO ENJOY
  17. MattD1960

    who says girls dont play bursts

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QyKno2XBVQk&feature=related i do believe that a 59 the same one Dtrucks has been playin on the road for a little while now
  18. MattD1960

    Happy Birthday Eric Clapton

    Uploaded with ImageShack.us You are 66 today, your guitar in that picture would be about 50. the amp would be a 40 something your still thrilling us with ur guitar work, JUST PICK UP A LES PAUL AGAIN
  19. MattD1960

    devided by 13 amps

    i am wondering what you guys think of them, i am gonna be rocking my les paul thru it if i buy one so who better to ask then a buncha les paul slingers, i dont really know which one i want, i am playing small clubs and house partys(college student) but i cant get along with the fender sound i...
  20. MattD1960

    really stupid question

    How would i test the output of my pick ups. i really just dont know, i like my set i just am curious and u guys are always throwing around 7.5 k and all that stuff so how do i go about finding out what mine are at ?