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  1. guitartsar

    Late 60’s Les Paul P90 foam or springs?

    Has anybody got any pics of the foam or springs that were originally under P90’s on late 60’s Les Pauls? thanks!
  2. guitartsar

    Otoban Music Canada

    Has anybody had any dealings with Otoban Music in Montreal Canada? They have a 52 gold top for sale. thanks.
  3. guitartsar

    Lockdown project re-recording guitar on The Who song Won't Get Fooled Again

    I wanted to learn the guitar part to Won't Get Fooled Again by The Who as accurately as possible as I'm a big Pete Townsend fan and decided to replace the guitars on the record and share the finished results. It was great fun and really interesting working out all the intricate parts and trying...
  4. guitartsar

    Neck overspray and possible headstock break advice

    Hi I wanted to see if I can could get some advice on the attached pics. I'm pretty sure this guitar has had a headstock break repaired or at the very least the back of the neck has been blown over/oversprayed as I can see what look like masking lines around the volute and on the sides of the...
  5. guitartsar

    Ying and Yang!

    73 and 79 Les Paul Customs living in perfect harmony!
  6. guitartsar

    70's solder joints

    I'm thinking the solder joints on the volume pots of this 73 LPC look redone but tone pot solder looks original? Just hoping for a good second opnion. Thanks a lot.
  7. guitartsar

    "Good-All" caps in 73 Les Paul Custom

    I've seen these white/grey caps in a couple of other 70's guitars but they don't seem as common as other types. I think they are Good-All. Anybody know anything about these caps? The pic is of a 73 LPC. Thanks!
  8. guitartsar

    T Top bobbin numbers?

    Does anybody know what the numbers on the top of the bobbins on a T Top mean? Usually 2 and 4 or 1 and 3 or other combinations of 1 2 3 4. I've found some mentions of the numbers on the interwebs but not any explanation of what they mean so I'm intrigued. The picture below is of one of the T...
  9. guitartsar

    Gibson ledger Jan 1961

    Would anybody have any pics of the Gibson ledger for the first few weeks of 1961? I recently purchased a very early 1961 ES335 and would love to see the ledger page for my guitar. Serial number is A35731. Thanks very much. Graham
  10. guitartsar

    My new toy :)

    My Ebay 1960 Les Paul Junior finally arrived. Cleaned up gr8. The front has faded to brown but the original bright cherry red is visible under the pickguard. It's got the big baseball bat neck and sounds amazing. Thinking of maybe fitting a Mojoaxe bridge for better intonation (anybody else...
  11. guitartsar

    1960 LP JNR 0 4970 with stinger

    I've just become the proud owner of this 1960 LP JNR. I love the stinger and wondered how rare they were on Les Paul's of this era? I haven't seen many myself. Thanks, Graham.
  12. guitartsar

    Les Paul top wrap tailpiece

    I read with interest the endless debates on the net about top wrapping strings on a Les Paul so I decided to give it a try. My Les Paul Custom is a late 70's model and needed the tailpiece quite high for strings to clear the back of the bridge which was uncomfortable to play. The acoustic tone...
  13. guitartsar

    79 Les Paul pots question

    Is it common that the volume pots are easier to turn than the tone pots on Les Pauls from the late 70's? I can only see the pot codes on the tone pots which match the date of the guitar. The tone pots are stiffer to turn while the volume ones are quite loose feeling. I've taken the knobs off and...
  14. guitartsar

    My newly acquired 1979 Les Paul Custom white

    HI, I'm new to the forum so thought I'd post pics of my newly acquired '79 Les Paul Custom in white (now creamy yellow :)). I think it's all original apart from Schaller tuners (added long ago) which I quite like. The knob numbers are still very white but I think I've seen others like this...