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  1. Wood Spanker

    Gibson Custom Shop RI 63 SG Jr.

    Does anyone have one of these? Played one, or read any reviews on this guitar. I would really appreciate any info. Thanks.
  2. Wood Spanker

    New Guitar 2007 RI 56 Burst

    Picked this one up today. I have really loved Les Paul P-90 guitars in late. Second picture is with my 59, although it's been my wife's go to since I got it! http:// http://
  3. Wood Spanker

    Fender tweed deluxe RI question

    Can anyone please tell me the power rating of the 12" Eminence special design alnico speaker that Fender is using in there 12 watt tweed deluxe RI amp? I can't even find this info. on Fender's web site. Thanks in advance for any info.
  4. Wood Spanker

    Christmas came early! 60th anniversary content

    Got a 60th Anniversary 59 from Wildwood Guitars. Service was top drawer as always. If your on the fence with one these, I was just so pleased with this one all around.