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1959 ES-335 Stop Tail Factory BLACK


New member
Feb 6, 2005
It sounds great !
But it's the RESPONSE that is so crazy - hard to put in words but I'll try... no other guitar I have ever played (1000's) can respond like a Sax like this one can (I don't have a clue how to play the Sax, but being a big fan of the instrument and having listened to so many great players, I had always wished to get that response from a guitar - you know what I mean ?)... truly unbelievable dimension of tone, so dynamic, the resonance and sustain, so responsive, this thing BREATHS from sleeping soft to fire breathing dragon - all depending on how you touch her - this thing is ALIVE - absolutely unbelievable... GREAT set of PAF's for sure and thanks to such great engineering / design of a guitar... IMHO these late 50's ES-335's are the greatest guitars ever made. And this ones Black...

Here’s the Killer > you simply just would not believe how good the Neck feels...

Guitar happiness is guaranteed when you find one that meets this description.

I did note the TRC placement back from the nut.