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1962 Vintage Gibson ES-330TD - Sunburst Finish - Excellent Condition


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Feb 24, 2003
1962 Gibson ES-330 TD . This guitar is in excellent condition for a 57 year old guitar.

- The original finish does not show any checking at all.

- Featherlight at 5.8 lbs.

- The frets are in excellent condition and the action is set low with no buzzing.

- The neck thickness measures .827" at the 1st fret, and .952" at the 12th.

- The P90s are well-balanced and have great tone.

- Pots work smoothly and are static-free.

- There are five small holes in the top near the bridge pickup that were plugged prior to my ownership of the guitar. Two of the holes are beneath the pickguard, and the other three are visible, but are not very obvious. At a glance, they look like tiny knot holes. Based on their positions, I can only guess that maybe they were used for some sort of forearm rest, but I really don't know. These plugs are pointed out in the photos below.

- There are blemishes in the finish on the back of the guitar between the horns that are due to a reaction with a coiled cord that was stored in the case (see photo below).

Priced at $4950 plus actual shipping cost (estimate $40-$60). No Trades. Sales within the USA only. Contact Dan at dynasonic@msn.com








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