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1982 Marshall 2204


Nov 28, 2003
I have a Canadian model 2204 (EL34) that I bought new 33 years ago. I am considering selling it but I don't really know what a fair price would be. For those that know these things, is it valued the same as all other 2204's? I've read that this model is rarer, but is there demand for this? It sits atop the original 4x12 slant cab.

Thanks in advance for any replies


New member
May 4, 2005
The best bet for value is checking ebay. This is what they are selling for, not for what people hope they are worth.

If you check the completed auctions you'll see quite a few. I'd go from there.

Heritage 80

New member
Jan 10, 2002
The most important thing with JCM 800 2204s (heads and combos) is that they're from '81 - '84. Those are the "vertical input" vs. "horizontal input" models post '84 with the verticals and are generally more in demand. Really fine amps (I bought my 2x12 Model 4104 in '81 and it's still going strong). Regarding the EL34 vs. 6550 tubes I think it's more a matter of personal taste (I like the EL34s and they were stock in the very early '81 models in models shipped to the U.S.). I see vertical input 2204 heads that are in good shape going for about $1200 to $1500 on eBay depending on originality and cosmetic condition.
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