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2006 identification help


New member
Mar 9, 2023
Hey guys, new to to forum. I'm an acoustic guy for the most part but have just inherited a Les Paul. I've looked up the serial number but all it tells me is that it's a 2006. Is there any other way to get info on this other than the year of production?

Very curious because the headstock made me think it was a Slash. But after some research, I cannot find an image of one like this. It doesn't look like other slash models. Instead it has the slash logo on the headstock(the skull and crossbones w/ the R N F'n R banner). I've yet to find a single image online of a similar headstock. If it was added aftermarket someone did a hell of a job because it looks factory.

Thanks for any insight!


Well-known member
Dec 3, 2006
This guitar is almost certainly a “Chibson” - a Chinese made knock-off of a Gibson.

I will let others confirm or refute my opinion - and it’s only just an opinion based on a few photos.

I like those Ricks!


Well-known member
Oct 20, 2005
What tuners are those?
That serial number and made in USA doesn't look like Gibson USA of that time period.
The silkscreen is crooked.
The Gibson inlay doesn't look right.
Zebras on Slash Signatures are cream/ black neck, cream/black Bridge. The zebras in that photo are Black/cream neck, cream/black bridge. Were the pickups changed?
Did Gibson even make a slash signature in 2006?


New member
Mar 27, 2023
The only Slash model that I know of that has skully on the headstock is the Rosso corsa. I have one and this definitely is not that model. But the back of the headstock is a dead giveaway that this is fake.