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Amps you sold but should have kept

Michael Patrick

Active member
Jan 15, 2003
'72 50-watt Marshall. Doh!



Jul 15, 2001
Early on I had a Blackface Twin reverb I should have kept. I traded it for a MV JCM 800 half stack, so it wasn't a terrible thing, but still.
The first little no-name tube amp that I had I should have kept. I got it in the early 80's and it was probably early 60's. Nothing special but had a great little sound that I had no appreciation for at the time.
But the only really painful one was an old Tweed Gibson-I'm not clear on the model..but it was 1x12, 6v6, maybe tremolo. I know I sold it for $400 and thought that was cool because I bought it for $200.00. Figured I could always get another one....
It was in great shape and what a sound....


May 16, 2019
A ‘76 or ‘77 Marshall JMP 2204 half stack, a BF Fender Vibrolux Reverb, a BF Fender Twin Reverb, and a BF Fender Princeton Reverb. All great sounding amps.

A couple of photos.

5940DC53-D5E4-4F11-BC7A-913D91818418.jpeg 030FFF20-FD93-4B7C-B8A8-E5155003DEEC.jpeg
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Mar 20, 2015
Nothing that would be worth really big money now, but I do miss my early 90's Marshall JTM 30. Just had that crunch without being crazy loud. I had a Music Man RD 50 that I traded in for the Marshall that would be nice to have back too.


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Nov 6, 2016
Here's a happier version. I had a 90's JTM50 combo I bought on the spot from a little shop in town. I then used it quite a lot, loving the punch, glassines, clean headroom and most of all enjoying how well the knobs dialed in different feels from the cleans/gain. There's just something about the amp that could get so close to iconic tones while at the same time you could warm it up a hair if needed. Plus, again, lotsa headroom.

Anyways, I let it go to a pawn shop in a crunch (no pun intended). Thankfully they asked triple the value they gave me on it and over a year later it was still for sale. I go in there, no one recognizes me and I haggle hard as I plug in to realize "hot damn that punch is still there." They passed up larger offers but on this day they bit! Back home the lil' amp came:


I know there's a mountain of hullaballoo about this or that spec + detail bla bla bla but this ****ing amp just sounds right. :giggle:

Plus, I beat the pawn system, not in a million years would they have offered the interest rate in actual dollars that the transaction made 1.5 years later ended up being.