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Back on LPF - 92 Les Paul Studio Lite


New member
Jan 20, 2005
I do hope you all agree that qualifies. So happy to feel right again coming here. Missed having a Paul too. My 56 reissue was a little too valuable for me to justify having just for fun and you know, hard times came. . . .

But now I have a burst 92 LP Studio Lite. It has been refitted with the 490R and 498T pickups that I like a lot more than the ceramic pups that came on it. They were alright but a little nasty sounding. I am an alnico dude. . .

If there are any more interesting parts to this fiddle please let me know.

Love this thing. Put a track in the jam zone to the Fading Fortunes track. Will be putting up some more jam tracks of my own soon.

Nice to be back