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Jul 15, 2001
Yup! Tone chasers alike.......
Chasing that tone is something like you have already heard or have, but keeps getting away.....if you know what I mean?

Or is it purely the wood? the age? the pickups? the amp? the effects if any? or is it in your hands/fingers? or most of all your SOUL?

Maybe all of the above then.
Chasing tone I don't think will never stop period.

I was just playing licks and notes on my Les Paul tonight and just happen to plug into an Excelsior Amp (cheapy piece of C*%P) but works for me)
Setting was clean and bright but can be rolled off on Les, nonetheless I keep getting a nice BELL TONE like attack with a tad or so shimmer from an 2005/2007
Standard and a Custom, all same settings. Did I just came across a sweet pairing here as the Excelsior is a go to amp after work sit at home in the corner type of day.

Any players out there that can share the same experience and alike? Totally different from having a FENDER plugged in obviously.