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Christies Auction pumpin it up


Jul 31, 2004
I got this email today. Man i can't believe Christies is telling people they are going to get $100 large for a trapeze 53 goldtop. Talk about pumping up the seller. Also sounds like he does a "trapeze act" to mute the strings!
I have a 53 Gold Top and I disagree with the assertion that the strings can't be muted because of the trapeze tailpiece. I have no trouble doing so by curling my little finger underneath and across the strings. Works fine. I had my guitar signed by Les at the Iridium Club in New York. The first thing he said was "Don't believe what anyone says, this is the one to keep". He signed it that way, too, in between the tailpiece rods so it wouldn't wear off. I've had numerous offers to sell it but always from someone who thinks I don't know the value. I've looked for the last twenty years for one like this because so called collectors said they're "a dime a dozen". I'd tell them to get me dozen and I'll give them their dime. George Gruhn, of Gruhn Music in Nashville, told me he knew of only one other left and that was in Texas.
Christie's of New York will be selling mine for me this coming April. They tell me to expect it to sell in the six figure range.