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Do you think guitar music will ever be great like it was from 1954 to 1979?


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Oct 20, 2005
Back when radio controlled who got airplay people listened to whatever their favorite station was playing. AM radio was in control until FM stations gained a foothold. Oldies stations played do-wop 50's style, Disco stations played Saturday night fever stuff, Soul stations playing James Brown/Aretha type stuff, pop stations, country stations, and rock stations playing Layla, Stairway etc. AM radio gave up and went all talk. Every once in a while, indie groups or individuals would appear and fade away. Punk drew a huge following but became polarizing and was something that was too extreme for many rock fans with the mohawks, black leather, and safety pins.

The eighties had hair bands dominate guitar music while new wave was a lot of key/synth.

The internet came along and the same AM to FM type genre split happened. But all of a sudden people found a way to choose what they wanted when they wanted. Radio was losing the grip on the listening audience. Genres and sub genres sprang up, new groups and pop singers began gaining traction. The dominance of guitar was in a genre. The door was open and there is no going back to the huge radio days.

The genre listening audience is so specialized and there are people that listen to music in their genre 24/7 and nothing else. There are people that have never heard a Beatles or Stones song. "What is that?" Seriously.

Guitar related type music is still there and will always be there as classic rock, indie, or other genre, but dominate the music scene? Umm probably not. But who has a crystal ball?