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Flametop Friday!!!

El Gringo

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Apr 8, 2015
My Twins . Both Brazilian board 2018 R9's . Of course I favor the Lemon Burst as it's my avatar photo and her board is almost black which I just love so much, BUT the Slow Ice Tea Fade has the better tone in spades . Go figure right ? 59 serial # apart (which is a crazy coincidence ) The Lemon Burst # 9 8344, Slow Ice Tea Fade ( what's in a name anyway ) # 9 8405 . The Lemon Burst I stalked since early Spring 2019 and made the purchase in early August 2019 , as she kindly waited for me . The Slow Ice Tea Fade popped up on the Friday before Labor Day 2019 on the Zoo website , just before 3:00 pm right when I was leaving work for the Holiday weekend . When I got home I picked up the phone and spoke to Mr. Tommy and he says to me "this one won't last the weekend " and he was right as I purchased her right then and there on the phone . Both guitars are almost 9 lbs , which for me really is the perfect weight . Both are loaded with my favorite pickups (ThroBak 101 Plus ) . At first I did not care for the Carmelita profile as I liked the larger profile pre 2018 , now I am used to it and have forgotten my gripe about it . Did I ever think I would have a Brazilian board Les Paul ? Much less 2 ? Never ! Also , to my ears there is no noticeable difference in tone between East Indian Rosewood versus Brazilian Rosewood .
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Ed Driscoll

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Apr 24, 2002
2000 R9 Les Paul and 2003 Music Machine Stinger-series Gibson Hummingbird:



And with the flash on, here's the flame on the R9: