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Frets on modern 1957 Les Paul Custom reissues


New member
Feb 25, 2020
I own a 1957 Les Paul Custom reissue built in 2010. Does anyone know the fret size that was used or is still being used on 1957 Les Paul Custom reissues?
Vintage ones are known to be outfitted with very low fretless wonder frets. Yet the frets on my reissue seem to be very similar to medium jumbo frets if not identical.
I remember emailing Gibson years ago asking about the type of frets on these reissues and they assured me that they use the fretless wonder frets.
Comparing the frets on my guitar to pictures of actual vintage fretless wonder frets I am hesitant to believe this is an accurate statement. I have never played vintage fretless wonders and hear that it is very difficult to bend on them. I am very happy with my frets so this is not a complaint at all. I am just curious about the actual fret size on these LP Custom reissues. Do they actually use fretless wonder frets or medium jumbos or another fret size?
Possibly the fret sizes have changed throughout the history of LP Custom reissues.
Any info?