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FS: Tweed Double Deluxe (w/Clark reverb)

fast ricky love

In the Zone/Backstage Pass
Mar 27, 2002
Brothers and sisters!

Up for sale is a great gigging amp that I've enjoyed for a few years now. It's a 2x12 Double Deluxe built by a former employee of Mike Clark. Excellent build.

I had the amp then shipped to Mike Clark to have him add his killer reverb. I asked him to go thru the amp and make any adjustments he saw fit - he tweaked a few caps and signed off on the amp. While this amp is rated at 30watts, I'd say it's now a little lower than that as Mike's reverb takes away a bit of power. To me that is a good thing as when this amp is cranked now it has the right volume for clubs. Feels just a touch louder than a Deluxe Reverb which is of course rated at 22watts. I'd say this baby is right around 25watts as is.

It has a ceramic Weber Bluedog w/PreRola doping as well as an alnico Weber 12A150 w/PreRola doping. 2 GREAT speakers in their own right. I've got a set of beam blockers installed as well.

Power tubes are a quad of matched Brimars. My favorite 6V6 tube. Preamp tubes are a Telefunken 12AX7 and a Mullard 4004.

The amp has a few scuffs here and there (on the bottom) but there are no tears.

What else can I say? Just a great boutique amp that has faithful tweed tone. Hard to put a price on it with all the top-end additions (tubes, speakers). But let's say $1500 takes it. Thanks, please email me at: richbuceta at yahoo dot com