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Guppy in the pond discovers music theory


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Mar 11, 2002
Learn the language of music as used where you'll play, with the people you play with.

You'll hear terms like "1, 4, 5 progression". Know what that means. Keys have chords that are numbered, and chords have notes that are numbered. Know the difference.

The 5 chord is usually a 7th. Confusing?
Aug 1, 2022
4. Fool-proof faster picking

Should've titled this thread "... theory & technique". The only theory in this post is the claimed fool-proof way to pick faster.

Here's the technique: used to divide solo-practice time into 50/50 each of scales/noodling. Now it's however long it takes me to get through the scales/whatever time remains.

Started picking 4x per note on the scales to try to get faster. It sucked...so boring...aaaand, you guessed it... Getting way faster.

In essence the theory is put something you like behind x amount of scales or routines picking four times per note.
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