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Help me with this '57 Junior, please!

JJ Jones

Active member
Sep 28, 2001
I found a 1957 LP Jr for sale, and it has a few small "issues". Tuners have been replaced and now a set of period correct ones have been reinstalled but with new plastic tips. The pots are new. And then there are four holes behind the tailpiece, not from a vibrato, it looks more like someone, at some point, stuck a home made "ash tray-like" cover on it? Otherwise it looks alright from the one picture I have seen so far. The seller wants (converted to dollars) 3300. Is that a fair price?



smoking guns

New member
Sep 5, 2003
assuming that the neck is straight, there were no body, neck or headstock repairs and the pickup is original and it sounds like a junior should (with the new pots) it's fine - do it