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Heritage H-530 - Anyone own one of these?


Jan 29, 2020
I'm considering picking one of these up. I have a USA Casino, and an ES-225. I'm a big fan of thin fully hollow guitars. What are your thoughts and experiences with these? I've only played on Heritage at a shop 10 years ago, so I'm not sure what the general consensus and expectation is on these. How they compare with modern ES-330's, Eastmans, and USA Casinos?


Well-known member
Mar 24, 2005
Are you looking at a new one? Or used?
I don't have a 530, or have even played one, to my knowldedge, but in general Heritage are considered at least as good as any of the others you mentioned - obviously individual guitars will sound and play differently. If you have a chance, bring your 330 along and play then alongside each other, to see what the similarities and differences are.
I do have a Heritage H150, from 1998. At the time I got it, the shop had a bunch of Gibsons in, from early 70s deluxes and standards to new Historic 58 and 59 reissues. This Heritage played and sounded better than all the Gibson, hands down, and at a price half that (at the time; it was used) of the least expensive Gibson.