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Historic with 'Lead Pro' and 'Rhythm Pro' Burstbuckers?

Guitar Magic

Apr 16, 2015
Is that a possibility that a pre-2013 Historic came stock with these pickups or factory mislabeled with the wrong stickers? I think it might be the case because the dates on the pickups are identical to the year of the guitar. It would be pretty absurd for someone to find a set of BB Pros from the exact same year to replace the stock 1&2 set.

Based on the things I saw coming out of Nashville throughout the years (I had an LP Standard with "R9" stamped in the bridge pickup cavity below the nitro, had an R9 with missing stamp in the control cavity, and other similar anomalies), I can see it as a possibility.

I really don't want to disassemble the pickups to examine if the magnets are Alnico 2 or 5. They sound great. Any other way to know for sure? What do you think?