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Ho (Ultimate Attenuator) and Alex's Attenuator Shootout Clips


Jan 1, 2006
Hey guys,

I finally found the time yesterday to do the sound clips to compare the Ho Attenuator to the Alex's Attenuator with the same amp and recording set-up..nothing changed except the attenuator and its settings...the amp levels were almost full up (about 8 of 10) and remained unchanged during the recordings. The guitar volume was full up as was the tone knob. It was in the bridge position with a Duncan JB

The song selected was a personal Pearl Jam favorite - Alive from their first album...I do the intro riff and then ring out some chords to hear things ring. I typically go to that riff when testing an amp or guitar...not sure why. I'm a bit critical of my playing and I'm not a pro...go easy on me :) (i'm no Peter Thorn who plays some amazing stuff on that Faustine video...kudos! :dude).

I tried to match the recording volume levels as best I could but they vary ever so slightly...So, with that said...try to compare the actual tone instead of the volume level....

I used my Les Paul Standard Premium plus into a brand new snap Jack cable (I like these things) to my unique 18w TNT circuits amp.




I first recorded the amp with no attenuation and then I did the following with each attenuator:

Ho - Half way up and then to bedroom levels with the plexi switch engaged... Again, I was able to talk louder than the amp.

Alex's - first -6db and then -12db and the nob to almost load or off..meaning bedroom levels/speaking volumes. Again, I was able to talk louder than the amp. Think a child sleeping next door...I had the treble knob on +2.

I recorded using a SM57 to a Line 6 UX1 box to my Macbook pro.

First is the HO and then the Alex. I wonder what you think. I'm not an expert at recording so this is far from a perfect shootout (unlike James Lugo which was amazing). However, it's the best I could do with my technology.

To my ears...they both sound amazing at the lowest levels for recording or sleeping children. The Ho is a bit more spikey in the treble with the plexi switch that the amp is at full volume (no attenuation). With both units I can roll the volume back for cleaner tones...both work great that way as well.

Both do amazing at about half way and at bedroom volumes only slight coloring of the tone to me...perhaps a bit more high end with the switch...I could dial that down even more by playing with Alex's settings. I had the Alex at 2+ and could have dialed it back to 1+.

I personally like the Alex a little more as it has this smoother sound than the Ho. But truthfully...I love them both and will keep them both. The Ho sounds great also...very close to tell from my view point but my ears are a bit shot from many years of playing drums and guitar in bands. I think it's like splitting hairs.

I'm on the list for the Faustine and look forward to getting one. Why do I need another? I'm a sicko like the rest of ya! :facepalm

Here's the link:


I'll post some more things later but promised my son we would head to the park...I love hangin with the little guy!


New member
Apr 4, 2008
Nice job thanks. I thought the Alex had better high end at the bedroom level as well. I own a HO with a Plexi switch and that regains some of the highs when fully attenuated.

Again, nice job on the comparison.


Good job here. I had to play around with the volume to get a clearer picture, but they're pretty damn close, I thought. At bedroom levels, I think that the Ho is a little smoother and the Alex is a bit more transparent. Very slight differences though.

I have an Ultimate already, so I don't know if I've heard any demos as of late that would convince me to drop it for an Alex or Faustine just yet.