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I had a scary thought


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Jan 23, 2007
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All have a 1" deep necks, feel different?...yes. Transitioning from one to the next, especially when playing a gig? .....piece of cake. Each guitar sounds, plays and feels a slightly different from the others. I actually like that. I have the tone spectrum covered


Sep 7, 2003
Maybe you could get a new neck for one (or both) of your Fenders that are more accommodating. My Tele came with the 9.5" radius that I always seemed to struggle with. After a few years I got a replacement neck with a 12" radius and it was SO much better.

Funny thing is, my Strat has the 9.5" radius and I find that neck just as comfortable as the neck on my LP.
This is the correct answer.

After DECADES of fighting the longer scale on Fenders (I'm a Gibson LP lover), I built (from Warmoth parts) 2 Teles and a Strat during the pandemic/shutdown/lockdown with Gibson scale (24 3/4) fat necks, to approximate my R4, R7, and R8 necks.

Problem solved... I play them all the time now at country gigs.