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I went to my Grandmother's closet, and I found a 1970..


Active member
Jan 3, 2010
Wow, a great find. A lucky grandson.
Hey Gridlock, I gather you have access to a time machine since you have a 2918 Fender American Special Stratocaster! Very cool!

Will it go back in time too? If so, any chance I can borrow it? I'd like to make a few purchases in 1959... :love: :D


New member
Oct 22, 2017
I went to my grandmother's closet, and found a 1970 Les Paul Custom! Maybe I missed the deadline for this section by a year, but I thought I would ask the question: What should I do to ensure the guitar is playing well for a long time? Also, does anything look non-original? The frets seems to be fairly high for this kind of guitar.

This wasn't a total surprise, as I knew there was an electric guitar in the closet, and that my Great Uncle played it in the 70s. I just put some new strings on it, and it sounds great! The serial number puts it at 70-72, and the pot shows x37704 which I think indicates that it's a 1970. I also saw the pickups show "PATENT NO 2,737,842".

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Want to sell it?


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Jul 30, 2015
Those 70's Les Paul Customs were great guitars...I have a 73 Deluxe....still an awesome guitar!