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Jerry Cantrell Murphy Lab "Wino" Les Paul Custom - indepth look


Jul 21, 2016
Well a buddy ended up with one of the new Jerry Cantrell Murphy lab custom's so we decided to do a pretty indepth video review of the guitar. The good, the bad and what I call the inbetween PLUS we compared it to his '79 silverburst and '82 wine red custom for fun into a BE100 Deluxe, Mesa Dual Rectifier, Suhr PT15, and a Marshall. Fun stuff.

Some might have seen my other thread where I reviewed a heavy aged R0 from the Murphy Lab. It was very interesting to see just how different the aging was on this vs that. It still suffered from the same issue of odd/mismatched hardware aging but the actual finish aging was a lot better (no real spiderwebs anywhere, mostly vertical checking).

The guitar has 498T 490R pickups which I thought was a pretty boring choice, but they sounded pretty sweet in this particular guitar and if anyone said they were a special run I would have believed them.

Check out the video (but jump to youtube so you can take advantage of the timestamps since its a long one), I'm curious to hear if A) anyone else owns one on here and B) if anyone has a more recent Murphy Lab guitar that they can compare the aging I show of the JJ vs theirs to see if it's similar or not.