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Joe B rockin a 1960 new style Les Paul Standard


Active member
Jan 22, 2019
Great...now Joe's going to start buying up all the early 60's SG's. Good thing I have a 1/2 dozen already. You all better hurry up and find yours! LOL
i,m glad i snagged some along the way when i was young, some were cheap too even at the time.
if i were young today and not a trustfunder i would not rule out snagging a late sixties sg, you get a little more pickguard but there may actually be some sleeper deals on some of those, i dont think they are really a bad looking guitar either. if you like the sound of one and it has a good neck why not! probably a rad investment too


Jan 21, 2021
Just wondering, when a string breaks with the sideways vibrato does the guitar go wildly out of tune?


Apr 25, 2021
these paf sg,s in my opinion will give any burst a run for their money, they sound spectacular, and the necks with a good setup play real nice and fast.
these are still a bargain, heck they are cheaper now than they were before. i think they were 30k for a bit?
the only problem and to me its a real problem is the neck flexing out of tune. i was standing with a strap playing clean and could hear it plain as day, i have to be real carefull what kind of pressure i put on the neck. maybe when your cranked up it doesnt matter, hell your clothes are all ripped up, youve had 11 beers, who's taking notes?
I have a feeling Simo would just snap the neck off one of them.