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Les Paul Fingerboards


New member
Jan 14, 2022
Hi guys. I'm new to the forum, so I hope I am posting in the right area. I'm looking for a little advice. I've just acquired my first Standard - 2021 60's in Unburst. I also own a 2013 50's Tribute with P90's, which I've had from new. I've always noticed on the Tribute that the fretboard and neck don't seem to quite 'match', in that there is a noticeable 'step' where the neck seems slightly wider than the fretboard. I put this down to the Tribute being a relatively 'budget' version of a USA made Les Paul. However, having just got the Standard, I notice that this, too, has the same 'issue', though probably slightly less pronounced than on the Tribute. I also own a Memphis built Warren Haynes ES335, which has no such issue. I'm left wondering, is this a 'thing' with Les Paul's, or am I just unlucky? This is not noticeable when playing either guitar, so I'm reluctant to return the Standard, as, so far, I am liking it (haven't had it long). I can't help thinking, though that on an instrument at this price point, there really shouldn't be any 'faults'. Also, having acquired the Standard, and thinking I'll be keeping it, I may be looking to sell the Tribute; does anyone have any idea what I should be asking for it here in the U.K. (I know it's condition dependent) if I do sell? Thanks