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"Les Paul Guy"


Oct 27, 2006
Well, I got lost somewhere on the first page, and now wasted a good lunch hour.

My take: I just play the guitar, and I happen to like my Les Pauls. As far as song selection, I leave that up to the frontman and do my part.

PS - Don't know how you could not get laid playing bars/cubs in a local band unless you're the stand in one place all night, emo type.


Mar 23, 2010
I'll admit that as a teen I wanted to be a Les Paul/Marshall guy because and I finally got one when I was twenty. Due to my ignorance, I thought most of the guys I heard using the Strats were playing wimpy music. I was drawn to bands like the Allman Brothers and Wishbone Ash and other guitar-driven bands. But then I learned a complete heresy: The entire first album by the Allman Brothers was played with Strats and Fender amps. The dreamy leads on "Dreams" was played on a Strat. Many of the leads I loved from Wishbone Ash were played by Ted Turner on his Strat. There is something very plaintive and beautiful about the sound Ted got on the short solo he wrote for "Blowin' Free," for instance. They just don't sound the same on an LP. And then I encountered David Gilmour and his Strats.

Now, I will also admit that many of the Strat sounds I identify with are so gained-up, full, and sustained that they sound very much like a Les Paul Sound. But I've grown up and moved on from being motivated by the image that used to surround LP players. For heaven's sake, country bands are now using LPs! I've allowed myself to use other guitars and discovered that I really identify with, take for instance, the ES-335. So now I play what I need to get the sound I want.

That is exactly what my bible says too!

Pat Boyack

Well-known member
Oct 19, 2011
Most country bands out of Nashville were using big body Gibsons in the 50's.....