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LP Classic questions


New member
Jun 29, 2021
Hi. I recently bought 2020 LP Classic and had a couple of questions. The tail stock is screwed all the way down, is this normal? Can it cause the saddles on the bridge to collapse? The strings are not touching the back of the bridge.
The bridge is almost screwed fully down, I would not be able to lower the action at all on the high e string and only a little low e string. The action as it is now is good, but with very little room for any adjustment (lowering). Is this normal?
Thanks in advance for your answers.
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Wise Guy

Apr 3, 2021
The tail piece being screwed all the way down is normal and you can adjust the break angle to suit your playing. I top wrap my strings anyway to where the break angle is almost straight across. Almost to where the strings pop out of the saddle slots.

The bridge, how much space is left between the thumbwheel and body? This can potentially be raised while keeping your action where it is with a proper truss rod adjustment. But that depends on where the thumbwheels currently sit. If you have at least 1mm of space remaining then you should be good. Either way, I can only imagine that all these Gibsons may slightly differ because the necks are set by hand.


Well-known member
Mar 24, 2005
It's not abnormal.
Basically you want to set the bridge action how you like it, then adjust the tailpiece so the strings are barely clearing the back end of the bridge.
Sounds like that's where you're at right now. Do you think you might want to lower the action later?
But like Wise Guy sid, a small adjustment at the bridge can cause a lot of change up the neck.