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Must have book


New member
Jul 15, 2001
Just picked up 'The Early Years Of The Les Paul Legacy. 1915-1963', by Rob Laurence. Sunburst stuff aside, this tome is mandatory for the extensive coverage given to non sunburst LPs: All the different Golds, Customs, Specials and SGs. And they have separate sections on stuff like P90s and the different ways they're mounted, the nature of gold paint, a WHOLE chapter devoted to the alnico 5 staple pickup. Pics? Total LPF porn: Prototype underage pictures from 1951, lurid control cavity stuff, pickups turned inside out showing everything, and lots of shots that fox Mary Ford. There's even a breakdown of the Les Paul amplifiers of the period, and sections on the use of the LP by such people as Jimi Hendrix and Bruce Conte (Tower Of Power, which I did not know).
If you don't find this of interest, you don't belong here.


Les Paul Forum Member
Aug 5, 2002
Look for a discussion of this book in the vintage section. :salude