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NAD: Germino Master Lead 55 (35)


Active member
Apr 29, 2015
Germino Master Lead 55 in 20" head box, SS rectified only, with power and output transformers same as the Lead 35 amps. So mine is basically a Master Lead 35.

You get the lower plate voltage the internet has been talking about and the ability to run a bunch of different output tubes without an impedance mismatch.

Greg has stated the preamp voltages are correct for this circuit. Played it alongside my Lead 55LV that has been converted to Master Lead and they basically sound the same. Maybe a touch more bass with the new amp but a slight twist of the bass control would make that up.

So for me, I don't notice an audible difference between the amps even though the plate voltage on the output tubes is different.

Great dirt and really nice cleans with volume rolled back on the guitar even with the preamp gain maxed.

For all those that ask, similar gain levels as a cranked Lead 55 LV, just able to get that at lower volumes especially when there are volume restrictions at a gig.

Might do some stereo stuff with the two amps. Also going to try 6v6s in this one.



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Jun 9, 2007
You need 2x12 for that- comon'- 4x12 even. Let's go!
My secret is 70's Celestions. Yowza. And cheap.