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Need Advice


New member
Jun 4, 2021
Hi eveyone!!!!!!!!! It´s been long since my last post, but here I am , with my new guitar!!!!!! I´m really happy as it sounds and looks killer!!!!!! It´s a H. Lista model Robben Ford, 100 % handmade ( no CNC or other machines involved in the process, just like the old days!!!)
I also recently bought a Mesa Studio Preamp, and my next step will be getting a good Power amp to drive it. Now here´s the question:
What differences are between getting a Marshall 50/50, and a Mesa 50/50?
I mean, I know that the former uses EL-34 tubes, and the latter 6L6, but which one would you recommend me? I play rock, and I want power, clarity ( no muddiness), and musicality.
I heard some bad reviews on 6l6, saying that they were a bit harsh. But on the other hand, some other say theyr are rounder sounding thatn EL 34´s ( which tend to be very middy sounding, giving a crunchy clean sound, or a very middy and punchy overdrive. I guess they are easier to saturate, giving Power amp distortion).
So I´m a little confused about what to buy. I know I will have to try them both and decide, but I wanted to go with a previous idea of what to expect.

So any input will be greatly appreciated, thanks in advance,


Well-known member
Jun 9, 2007
Don't predecide based on something you read. Listen with ears not eyes. It has to fit your needs, not something written by someone with God-knows-what motivation. I have recently found what I like in the comfort of the home-studio doesn't always translate well to the band setting.
After 40 years.
Don't laugh- I only started using the tone knobs ten years ago.


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Feb 27, 2003
I would buy the Mesa. I would also buy two Boogie cabs with EVs in them. That said, don’t let anyone tell you what your ears want to hear.


Active member
Sep 10, 2001
Listen to a bajillion YouTube vids of each. You’ll start to hear the character of each one.
keep in mind that the preamp is the more influential of the two as far as final sound.