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New Song: Love Can Turn the Page

Ed Driscoll

Les Paul Forum Member
Apr 24, 2002
This was a tune I wrote and recorded in late November and early December, and mixed down last weekend, built around a bunch of guitars:


Electric on left channel is a 1983 Fender ’57 Strat reissue.
Electric on right channel is the 2000 Les Paul R9 in my avatar.
Acoustic on left channel is a 2006 Gibson Everly Brothers.
Acoustic on right channel is a 2019 Taylor GS Mini in high-strung Nashville tuning.
Bass is a 1983 Fender P-Bass.
Lead Guitar is a 1983 Gibson Les Paul Custom.
Way in the background is a synth pad played on a Roland-Ready Strat into the Roland VG-88 guitar modeling rig.

All of electrics were run through the Eventide H9000 Crush Station fuzz effect into the Strymon Iridium amp and cab modeling pedal.
Vocals were recorded through a Neumann U67 reissue mic, into a Chandler Ltd. Redd.47 preamp, into an Universal 1176 reissue FET compressor into a Warm Audio WA-2A tube compressor.
Drums are Superior Drummer 3; and I overdubbed an assortment of hand percussion (cowbell, tambourine, and triangle) into a Shure KSM-313 ribbon mic into a Cloudlifter pre-amp.

Cliff Gress

Well-known member
Aug 26, 2004
Really nice work and sentiment. Reminded me of 1967 right before bands turned heavier.