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NGD 2018 Mario Martin Strat Braz Lefty Neck Hendrix


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Aug 9, 2016
Well, here's a weird one!

Chris Manus at Amelia Island Fine guitars had a couple of these made. I always kind of wanted to get a lefty strat and string it right to have kind of a Hendrix style guitar (for rightys) Well this is kind of like that! Its got a lefty neck and a lefty BRIDGE -- and lefty trem... I just thought it was cool!

Lollar Blackface pups in it-- I like them. Not as bloomy (or hendrixy for that matter) as my other strat--- more Layla/Life in the Fast lane/SRV kind of mid range aggressive-- which is cool!

seems like a lot of good pro players (john osborne, ford thurston, vince gill) dig these Mario guitars so I thought I'd give it a whirl-- for much cheaper than a fender custom shop and much better I really think its great.

Really nice relic job too I think

super light! 6lbs 110z (is that light for a strat?)

beautiful roasted flame maple neck

more of a 60's profile

IMG_9714 by peter ellman, on Flickr


http:// IMG_4022 by peter ellman, on Flickr


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Jun 9, 2007
Nice pics. You gotta love that neck- and a nice patina.
What hole is that in the distance?