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NGD: Bird Sighting

The Guitar Hunter

Active member
Jun 22, 2016
I got this guitar the week everything shut down, including my job for at least the next year :rolleyes
Here is the Jimmy V Firebird

This was made for Jimmy Vivino in 2011. I gotta go back and see if he used it on any episodes of Conan

I'm loving it and love the inverness green


(I'm not sure why the photo didn't load into the post. I haven't had any issues before. Oh well, the link works)


New member
Nov 10, 2008
Thank you! :salude

Musta missed this thread earlier. Way, way cool one of a kind Firebird NR V! Like the way they incorporated the Lyre cover with the stop tailpiece! Did Gibson make this especially for Jimmy? Aparently so, personalized with his name engraved on it. How did you come to get it? Just curious. And I am a TOTAL pushover for Inverness Green Gibbys! Congrats! (drooling on keyboard)