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OD advice


Nov 28, 2003
My Blues Jr III sounds a little too harsh with my humbuckers when I go for some gain. I like what my BD2 sounds like with a low gain setting, but not a fan of what happens when I turn it up.
So I was thinking of stacking a pedal to provide a warm crunch when I need it.
Does anyone have a recommendation? I was thinking of the MXR Sugar Drive, or Fulltone OCD.



Active member
Sep 14, 2018
The Sugar Drive is based on a Klon which is a darker sounding OD and should do what you're hoping for.

My one warning would be playing at bedroom levels makes it very hard to avoid that harshness on a Blues Jr, even with a pedal like that. I've got a tweed Blues Jr III and a Klon-like pedal and it just doesn't quite do it for me. The solution is unfortunately to crank the amp - I even like to do a Joe B and place it in the bathroom and run a long cable to it! If you're talking about playing loud then ignore this paragraph :)