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old mod memories


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Jul 24, 2001
I remember looking forward to getting the "new" DiMarzio Super Distortion (and 4 conductor version Dual Sound) pickups. Wow, what a difference they made over the stock '70's and 80's stock Gibson T-Tops. I once had a late '60's SG Special routed in the bridge for a SD.:## It was one of my favorite guitars. Added mini toggles to split those Dual Sounds and never regretted it on a few Lesters from the same period. I even put a Mighty Mite (remember them) power booster in one Lester that kicked ass.:dude: It was nearly automatic to change the tuners to Grovers and sometimes go to a brass bridge, although I never liked brass nuts. None were "vintage" guitars (except maybe the SG) by today's standards, so I have no regrets. We weren't chasing old tone as much as experimenting with new tone.
These were the common mods in those days. Today, there are so many choices and variations that make it un-necessary to route a new guitar, although p/u swapping will always feed the need to "improve" something (not a bad ambition). :salude
I wonder if we will look back some day at the current trend of aging finishes, repro vintage pickups, hardware and aesthetics and the pursuit of helium filled Les Pauls as another footnote to old mod memories. :hmm
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Apr 24, 2012
I bought a DiMarzio Dual Sound before they had 4 leads -- my original only has 3. Somehow more recently I acquired another one like it. Those pickups sure brought the goods. If by goods you mean a buffalo-stampede of FAT, roaring rawknroll whumpus.

Not that there's anything wrong with that.

My original Dual Sound got stuck in an old Hagstrom II that I bought just to mod. I didn't want to hack up a "good" guitar. Now I see that people like those. They wouldn't like mine. I don't know if there were Dremels back then.....but I sure could have used one. :##


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Mar 11, 2002
two of 'em: