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Orange Rockerverb 50

Dave Paetow

Les Paul Forum Member
Jul 15, 2001
Anyone try one of these yet? Has a 4 x 6V6 power section. I tried one out and was really impressed, I thought it was a great sounding amp (for me). Nice cleans from the clean channel, and the lead channel had a beefy, thick overdrive with a ton of gain. Overdrive sounded great with a Strat, FWIW. The reverb sounded pretty good, too. Not what I was expecting when I plugged into it, that's for sure. Too bad I'm broke, or I'd buy one.


Active member
Dec 27, 2003
Today I played that beast thru a Marshall cab... NOICE!!! And I couldn't even crank it, damn shop owner... :duke

Too bad I'm broke, or I'd buy one.
So damn true ... same here mate! =(