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Princeton Reverb with EV SRO15


Oct 16, 2007
Years ago I read an article in the ToneQuest Report about matching a Princeton Reverb with an EV SRO 15 for amazing results. Well I had a 73 PR but no EV SRO 15 but based on the article I decided to see if I could come up with something close. I contacted Larry Rodgers to see if he could build me a cabinet for the chassis that would hold a 15" speaker and he said no problem, "he had already done one for Lindy Fralin". Then I called Ted Weber and told him what I was up to and he said he had the perfect 15" speaker for the amp. I got it all put together and have enjoyed it for years but still wondered what it would sound like with the EV. Well I have a good friend that recently purchased a speaker re-coning business which included a bunch of vintage speakers and he gave me an EV for my amp. The amp always sounded great with the Weber but the ToneQuest Report was correct about using one with an EV. The tone quest for this little Princeton Reverb is complete!


Active member
Apr 25, 2003
Sounds like a cool little custom rig. Got any photos or clips?

I dropped an EV10 into my stock '69 Princeton Drip Edge and really dig the tone and increased clean headroom.