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Dec 10, 2014
Is anybody here into radio? I mean vintage and/or modern radios, tube or solid state? Many people collect and repair radios as a hobby.

I recently purchased a retro-looking Philips radio (FM/DAB, which is also a Bluetooth device pretty nice for Apple Music and such) and began to read more about it.


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Jun 25, 2007
Yes, I'm into anything that uses valves! As well as building and repairing guitar amps I also restore old valve radios. I have a few myself and have done quite a few for other people. This is one of mine, its a GEC AC37


It was built in Coventry, England (which is where I live) in 1937. I find it fascinating to think that this would have been someone's prized possession back in the 1930's and they would probably have been avidly listening to the announcement that Britain was at war with Germany on it in 1939. Hopefully the GEC employee who built it would be pleased to know that it is still working 80+ years later!


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Aug 19, 2003
My amp man has been an avid radio aficionado for years, he and his buddy, another amp repair guy team up and go to the swap meets, his shelves are just chock full of tubes.
Aligned with that are some locally assembled '50s Radiograms that have old Celestion alnico speakers in them, I use one of these in my PR.