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Scumback M75 65w (AGI) tale...

Dec 20, 2016
So I got a call from a client (JL from So Cal) on Tuesday. JL was disappointed that he blew one of his M75 65w speakers in his 4x12 cab after three years.

I asked how he determined it was blown, and he told me how he tested to find out, and I agreed he was right.

Still, this was the first time in years I've heard of this, so I asked him a couple of questions.

Me: Ok, so what were you doing, what amp were you using?

JL: 100w NMV Marshall.

Me: Ok, so where did you have it set for volume?

JL: 8 or 9.

Me: Alright, but even if you've got one of the old 68 Plexi's with the high plate current I doubt you could blow 260w of speakers.
Those high plate current models typically are 125/130w clean (4 on the volume knob), so even at 8/9 you shouldn't be past 220/230w.

JL: Well Jim, it is one of the high plate voltage models (typical Plexi 470v to the plates, his Plexi clone 510v I found out from fusionbear later).

Me: Ok so you don't use a pedalboard, do you?

JL: Yes

Me: Alright but, you weren't doing some dumb ass thing like stepping on a clean boost, then an overdrive pedal plus a fuzz with the amp volume set at 9...were you?

JL: AS GOD INTENDED! It sounded f**king glorious right before it blew up!

Me: Ok...well, you know you kinda hit about 300w plus right, so this isn't exactly a warranty issue after three years.

JL: Right! I got it. I just wanted to call to order four more M75's for my 2nd 4x12 cab.

Me: Ok...now you're talking.

I'm going to have T-shirts made up...I'll let you all see the design when they're ready.