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SIMO in Hartford Last Night - PICS!


Mar 20, 2015
I saw SIMO last night at a bar/restaurant, Arch Street Tavern, in Hartford last night. It was a somewhat short show, an hour total, at a intimate venue. Unfortunately, most of the folks at the bar where not there to see the band, but JD and the band put on a great show for those folks that came out to see them. I had a chance to introduce myself to JD after the show, and he was extremely gracious and took me through his rig; guitar, amps, and pedalboard! He also signed a slide for me (maybe not the best thing for a sig, but it's all I could find!), and he gave me a couple of his Herco Flex 75 picks! JD used the '63 335 for the whole set, strung with 10s (he said his hands are strong from touring and he was even planning on going up to 11s). Amps are a Blackface Super Reverb and a reboxed '59 Harvard. Board has a mix of vintage and new stuff with a fuzz/wah that JD only uses for fuzz, then a vintage wah, a vintage fuzz, a bass synth, Boss DD-3. He uses a 1Spot for power as well as a 9V battery supply from XTS in Nashville, who also put together the board. It was great talking with JD, seems like a humble guy that really appreciates his fans! Here's a few shots from last night:

[/URL]JDs Board by hajducky, on Flickr[/IMG]
[/URL]JDs Amps by hajducky, on Flickr[/IMG]
[/URL]JD-2 by hajducky, on Flickr[/IMG]
[/URL]JD-1 by hajducky, on Flickr[/IMG]