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Snagadiscount.com - scam alert

Jul 9, 2015
While looking for a '64 Firebird III I came upon this site


They offer electronic stuff, plus a few vintage guitars. They say they're in business since 2002, but I cannot find any online reviews or ratings. A facebook page with 6,000 plus likes - no comments from buyers though. They even have active online sales support - but when you ask them specific questions about customer references, wire payment details, or a guitar, they start muttering excuses ('it's in the warehouse') or go blank.

The (very good) photos of most (or all) of the guitars listed have been taken from the internet. The Firebird was offered a few years ago by Imperial Vintage Guitars, the '61 Jazzmaster in late 2013 on Ebay, from which sites they copied the photos. The '45 Martin 00-18 pic was posted on the VGM website in the online readers gallery. It's also on Craigslist in LA. Offsetguitars.com is the site where the '74 Jazzmaster pics came from.

While vintage guitar scammers are as old as the internet, this is more disturbing. Look at the whole checkout section, warranty and privacy babble, the FB likes, the online support. Their approach apparently is to collect detailed pictures of a popular vintage guitar, and store these for a few years, until the item cannot be found anymore easily on the net and (most or all) pictures have been removed by the original sellers or owners. A step up from the clumsy scammers of yore.

So screw you, scamadiscount.com :bigal