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Soliciting your thoughts on the value of modded 72 custom


Apr 8, 2018
presently on Reverb: https://reverb.com/item/66771916-1972-gibson-les-paul-custom-electric-guitar

Not local to me but close enough to deal face to face. Have a trade proposed for my 2016 R9 with its own mods (my listing). Thoughts?

Mine are if it was a factory 3pu with a Jimmy Page re-wire, it might not be too far off. But it's a home routing job, with a re-veneered headstock and replaced binding. Seller claims original frets in great shape, but clearly the nubs are gone, so I am inclined to doubt that. The headstock job looks nice from a distance but this pic gives me a different sensation.

Yeah, it's an old guitar and will have wear and issues. I love a guitar with issues- it puts it to where I can afford them. My real purpose here is to ensure equity in the deal. I am thinking I might be giving some away if it's an even trade.

Any suggestions from the collective knowledge here?

As always, thanks in advance!

Billy Porter

Well-known member
Mar 16, 2005
I don't normally comment on these these queries but................the block markers look wrong specifically the 7th fret marker looks crooked


Well-known member
Aug 30, 2002
Way too many questions about that guitar. Plus admittedly it's been hacked up, refretted, repainted, full of non-original parts. If it was a genuine '72 Gibson at some point, I couldn't see paying even half of what he's asking. When there are this many issues, just walk away. If you really want a "Jimmy Page" style LP Custom, buy it (or create it) yourself with a guitar that is a known quantity.