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Solid Advice


New member
Jun 15, 2021
I came to this forum for some solid advice. I've enjoyed reading many of your posts, and I've learned quite a bit.

I have an amp that has meaning to me personally, but I'd like to sell it, and I don't know where to go without getting ripped off.

It's a 1982 Fender Champ II, all original, in really great condition. It was my father's, and he treated everything like gold.

I appreciate any kind advice.


Well-known member
Jun 9, 2007
MM- have a look at reverb. But these are not highly sought after. I would say parting with it might be more heart wrenching than putting it in safe storage.


Well-known member
Feb 27, 2003
Champ IIs are great little guitar amps, imho. In essence, they are the Normal channel of an AB165 Bassman with 3 gain stages. Hot preamp…lively cleans and eager overdrive. The stock speakers leave a bit to be desired, ime.
If you want to be patient, I would suggest listing it on Reverb.com…after doing your due diligance. Do a search for ‘Fender Champ II for sale’ and survey the market.
go here…https://reverb.com/p/fender-champ-ii-18-watt-1x10-guitar-combo
scroll down a bit and you will see the price guide. A very clean amp will get attention. Price it at the top of that guide and see what happens. You can always take offers. How much you would come down would depend on how badly you want to sell it.