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Throbak Vintage 50's Style Les Paul Guitar Wiring Harness - Opinions?


Active member
Nov 6, 2005
Has anyone tried on of these new Throbak harnesses in their Historic. I am considering one along with a set of the SLE-101's:

Vintage 50's Style Les Paul Guitar Wiring Harness

I have upgraded the harnesses in my other Historics so I know of the improvement they can provide in general. Just looking for feedback on the Throbak as compared to other makers.


New member
Feb 21, 2010
I got one recently and am really happy with it. The pots are high quality and all read out well over 500k....luxe bees and assembly were also top rate. Taper of the pots was improved versus the original pots in my 2013 R9. Super easy to install too.