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TIme to sell your Les Paul - rock & roll is dead


Active member
Jan 27, 2002
Read about it here:


So was Lenny K right?


Dire Wolf

New member
Dec 20, 2006
I'd have to agree; can't argue with the numbers. Look at that dork discovered on American Idol last year, Susan Doyle and all the records she sold. That's the shit people are listening to, along with watching Dancing with the Stars. That, my friends, was the death knell for rock!


In the Zone/Backstage Pass
Aug 3, 2002
I think it's best to take that article and the numbers presented with a grain of salt for a number of reasons. After all, since when did any of us rockers care about singles charts anyway. We're album oriented listeners! Especially since these charts are based on pop radio listening ratios anyway. Lets keep in mind too that much of today's country is more rock than it could ever be considered real country. What they consider rock and what they may be counting into their percentages is a bit off. They're saying that the best performing rock song of 2010 was Journey's "Don't Stop Believin." The fact that two of the most 'popular' bands around right now are Kings of Leon and the Black Keys makes me question their so-called number system. They're 'pop' now, yet they're still rock bands as well. And I know that Slash's solo record and Black Country Communion had done okay. That article might be correct in some instances; however, its not as clear cut as they're trying to make it sound.